Women And Men Top Porn Searches

Pornography viewing statistics are out and they are very surprising. It appears as if women are watching soft and hardcore porn in large numbers. According to visitor stats from top porn sites, females are the fastest growing group when it comes to looking at adult content. For decades, it has always been known that men loved looking at hot sex pictures and sex GIFS images. It was also recognized that males enjoyed spending hours checking out hardcore porn videos of all types. However, women have also been busy checking out pornographic material.

So what exactly have the females been watching when it comes to porn? What are their most searched for categories or search terms? What about males and what they enjoy looking at? Below are some of the top most searched for terms by women and men in porn.

Women Top Porn Categories

  1. Lesbian – Believe it or not, women enjoy seeing other females licking pussy and having lesbian sex. The lesbian category or search term was number one when it came to women. They enjoy looking at soft and hardcore porn videos of lesbian sex, lesbian kissing and lesbian scissoring, among others. Since girl-on-girl sex is so popular even among women, it’s no wonder you can find so much lesbian girls in porn videos today.
  2. Teen – It’s very surprising to see women have an interest in the teen category. Tons of them spent hours checking out any adult content with teens in them. The teen anal hardcore porn films rank among the most viewed. So is any content showing teen masturbation where horny girls play with their vaginas. Women also enjoy viewing hardcore porn movies showing a man with a monster cock fucking a tiny teen as well.
  3. Ebony – Whether it’s the ebony women with big tits or ebony men with huge cocks, they are faved by women. Hardcore porn films and other content with the word ‘ebony’ in it ranked very high with females. For instance, the ebony gangbang showing group sex or ebony interracial porno videos attracted tons of views.
  4. MILF – The fixation of hardcore porn material depicting hot and beautiful MILFs is at all time highs. Even women enjoy seeing horny MILFs getting fucked from all angles. The lesbian milf seduces straight girl hardcore porn videos are among the top ranked. Overall, there are countless of different MILF related adult content for both sexes to enjoy.
  5. Squirt – Squirting orgasm hardcore porn videos provide proof of a woman getting off. It may be why so many females enjoy seeing any squirt porn material. Whether it’s the first squirting orgasm or squirting orgasm by vibrator porn videos. The squirting while ass fucked porn videos caused a lot of curious women to see them. They also checked out hardcore porn films of squirt dick compilation.
  6. Anal – Hardcore porn videos of other women getting fucked anally scored well with females. Watching a babysitter anal or a MILF get dominated in the ass by a giant dick were some of the pornographic material viewed. The lesbian anal hardcore porn films or the ebony anal sex videos had millions of views. Also, interest in the teen anal first time videos shows women were maybe thinking about themselves taking it up the ass one day.

Men Top Porn Categories

  1. Teen – The category or search term ‘teen’ was at the top when it came to men’s most desired type of pornography content. Millions flocked to see beautiful horny teen girls get their tits sucked, pussy licked and fucked. Any hardcore porn movies showing teen anal or big tit teens got thousands of views, comments and shares. Men also showed high interest in teen creampie sex videos. The same for any teen love huge cocks porno films. Others worth noting were the step sister teen and homemade teen hardcore porn movies.
  2. MILF – No surprise that men were busy searching and viewing hardcore porn movies with beautiful MILFs in them. Anything that shows a hot MILF getting fucked was at the top. So are hardcore porn films of MILF lesbians scissoring, Latina MILF and ebony milf.
  3. Mom – Just like a MILF, everyone wants to fuck a hot mom. Males love seeing horny moms take cock from every possible angle. They also enjoyed them licking and sucking pussy of other women. Any mom lesbian porno content scored quite well with males. The mom fucks step son or mom and step daughter hardcore porn movies are extremely searched for and viewed as well.
  4. Step Mom – Three out of the top four porn categories or search terms for men, involved hardcore porn content of mature women. The step mom search led people find all kinds of wild pornographic films, GIFS and sex pics. Some viewed the step mom fucks son or caught by step mom hardcore porn videos. The step mom pov and son blackmails mom videos contained thousands of views as well.
  5. Massage – Any content depicting sexy and beautiful women getting or giving a massage ranked at the top. That’s because they generally show erotic and sensuous women being massaged and fucked. The lesbian massage porn videos show exactly how two girls kiss, lick and fuck one another.
  6. Japanese – No surprise that media of gorgeous and hot Japanese girl getting fucked is highly popular. The Japanese category covers a wide range of topics. It could be a Japanese girl with big boobs getting fucked very hard. You also have a naughty Japanese wife cheating on her husband. The Japanese anal hardcore porn videos seemed to be among the favorites. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a pretty girl being fucked in the ass? Other popular terms in this category are the Japanese gangbang and Japanese squirt porno films.

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